Hemp oil is extracted from the industrial hemp plant, most notably the stalks and seeds, which are cultivated to contain a high concentration of naturally occurring cannabinoids and a low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Elixinol products are created from organic European industrial hemp plants. We make use of super critical CO2 extracted whole plant extracts that undergo regular testing to achieve the highest potency and purity.

How Does Hemp Oil Work?

The recommended hemp oil dosage is placed under the tongue, where the cannabidiol comes into contact with the oral mucosa, which contains small micro-capillaries that allow the compound to be absorbed into the bloodstream directly. This is immediately effective. Rapid absorption takes place when the initial cannabidiol bypasses the liver metabolism, so the full potency of the cannabidiol is experienced.

The rest of the hemp oil is swallowed and it enters the digestive system of the body. From there it moves through to the liver, via the hepatic portal system. The rest of the cannabidiol is metabolised, and later enters the bloodstream to deliver a delayed but prolonged effect.

Hemp Oil is Non- Psychoactive

Even though hemp oil has been mistaken for marijuana, smoking hemp would not induce an altered state of consciousness because it contains high levels of naturally-occuring cannabidiol and low levels of THC. Hemp products are non-psychoactive so they are safer than medical marijuana.

Hemp Oil Extract Is Unique

Hemp plants are known to contain more than 400 phytonutrients. Their primary nutritional advantage is due to the composition of hemp oil. Hemp oil has a favourable fatty acid profile and protein constitution; it contain all essential amino acids, in their nutritionally significant amounts, and in optimal ratios.

Elixinol’s super critical fluid extraction technology means that we can extract these naturally occurring nutrients without the need for harmful materials or heat. The end-result is a complete, whole food that has exceptional nutritional qualities.

Elixinol delivers super cannabidiol, as well as the 400 phytonutrients, in a form that is easy to absorb, easy to use and naturally synergistic.