Elixinol’s Business Philosophy and Guiding Principles

At Elixinol, we are committed to being the worldwide company of choice for Cannabinoid products.  In order to fulfill and maintain this position, we have a strong philosophy that we live by and govern every business decision with.

Clear Vision

Our vision is to educate, inspire, and empower others throughout the world to live naturally healthy, happy lives. To achieve our vision,we will provide highest quality natural products, valuable information and education about ways to promote natural health and actively contribute to organizations that are aligned with our values

Commitment to Excellence

Our organization is built with people who share common values and a commitment to excellence in all ways. All Elixinol members are a family and our goal is to create an environment that permits each team member to grow personally and professionally while building a life aligned with their purpose. We have open communication and empower our team to become self-driven leaders. Because of our strong culture, we attract like-minded and successful individuals and entrepreneurs to partner with us and value long term relationships.

Superior Product Sourcing

We have an unwavering commitment to only using the highest quality products available which is why we source only the highest quality products. To continue sourcing high quality products, for more than 20 years we have maintained relationships with Industrial Hemp around the world .Our team of experts has also secured Hemp from the finest regions in the world and from farmers who are committed to the same quality control standards we have. We cultivate the highest quality strains of hemp, organically grown and naturally processed with standards that exceed the most discerning people.

Expert Product Development

We only develop products that have been tested and provide the most beneficial delivery mechanisms. All products created with an Elixinol label are genuine and our customers can be guaranteed that research has been done to identify the most effective blends of natural ingredients. We will never rush a product to the market just for the sake of having something new to offer. When we do introduce new products, Elixinol customers will have the confidence to know that they are receiving the highest quality available, consistently, guaranteed.

Strong Channel Partners

Our success is built through others and that means aligning ourselves with strong channel partners that support the sale and fulfillment of Elixinol products around the globe. We will only work with channel partners that share our core values and commitment to excellence. We support our channel partners by providing world class marketing materials, product training, customer service and fulfillment on our promises. In addition, we partner with bulk purchase clients and offer full service manufacturing, fulfillment, sales and marketing support as desired.

World Class Experience

We will deliver a world class experience to each of our customers, every time. Our commitment is to “wow” each of our customers and treat them the way they deserve to be treated, like members of our own family. Our goal is to meet or exceed their expectations both with the quality of products they receive and their overall experience with Elixinol. We back up our commitment with a money back guarantee*.

Giving Back

We are committed to being a “For Benefit” business and to actively contribute to the world in positive ways. Our team in collaboration with our valuable customers consciously chooses organizations that are aligned with our values that are contributing to creating better human health and an environmentally sustainable world. We donate a portion of all of our revenues to these causes. We make choices on our product sourcing and business practices based on what is best for the environment and the world.