Elixinol was created out of the passion a group of leaders had to educate and enlighten people on how to live longer, healthier lives, and how they could work to promote natural alternatives for general health and well being.

Elixinol’s Co-Founder, Paul Benhaim, is a global pioneer in the international industrial hemp industry, and has been involved in it since 1991. Our the last few decades Paul has fostered relationships with the world’s leading hemp experts, who use hemp for numerous purposes. Paul is the founder of Hemp Foods Australia, a globally recognised entity, and has cultivated and manufactured hemp on large scales, across the globe.

The release of the latest scientific research into Cannabinoids’ impact on human health, saw Paul’s status as a worldwide authority on hemp cultivation recognised, with many influential people contacting him to develop Cannabinoid-based products.


Commitment to Excellence

In response to the global demand for Cannabinoids and their capability to impact human health, Paul started researching the companies that operated in the industry. He discovered a significant numbers of challenges that the products on the market faced, ranging from consistency and product quality, to public education.

Paul incorporated his track record in successfully sourcing the highest quality hemp from prime locations across the globe with his experience in product development, manufacturing and fulfilment, to co-found Elixinol: a leading organisation in the hemp oil extract industry.


Values and Integrity Based Team

After refining their ideas and sharing their business goals to develop the most reputable cannabinoid product company on the world, Elixinol was created. To date Elixinol,  distributed by Helixir Ltd. in the UK, has experienced rapid growth, supported by a team of high quality team members, business associates and like-minded customers.

The key to Elixinol’s success is their business philosophy.